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How to develop energy-saving and environmentally-friendly LED displays?

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Environmental protection has become a major theme of this era. Society is progressing, but environmental pollution is also expanding. Nowadays, all walks of life are also advocating the manufacture of environmentally friendly products. So how can LED companies develop and design LED displays that do not produce light pollution and waste electrical energy? This has become a problem that LED companies must solve.

 light pollution

LED display screens have been widely used in various street corners of the city and have become a unique symbol to enhance the image of the city. However, while beautifying the city, the strong light on the screen has also caused a certain negative impact on the nightlife of urban residents. Although the LED industry is a "light-making" industry, from the city's environmental pollution indicators, it has become a new type of pollution "light pollution". Therefore, as an enterprise, it should pay attention to the problem of "light pollution".

 adjust brightness automatically

Way 1: use an adjustment system that can automatically adjust the brightness.

Depending on the day and night, in different locations and time periods, a slight change in the brightness of the display screen will have a great effect. If the playback brightness of the LED display is greater than 50% of the ambient brightness, our eyes will obviously feel uncomfortable, which-"light pollution".

We can collect the ambient brightness at any time through the outdoor brightness collection system.

Then how to broadcast the picture?

By using the display control system to receive the system data and automatically convert it into the brightness suitable for the environment through the software.

Way 2: multi-level gray correction technology.

Ordinary LED display systems use 18bits color display levels. In some low grayscale and excessive color, the color will be displayed very bluntly, so it will cause the color light to be unsuitable.

The new LED large screen control system uses a 14-bit color display level, which greatly improves the hardness of the color overlying, so that people feel the color soft when watching, and avoid discomfort to light.

In terms of power consumption, although the luminescent materials used in the LED display itself are energy-saving, some of them need to be used for a large display screen. Due to long-term use, the overall power consumption is still relatively high.

Under the effect of these comprehensive factors, the power consumption of the display screen is quite amazing, so the electricity bills borne by the advertising owners will also increase geometrically.

Companies can save energy through the following 5 points:

1. use high-efficiency LEDs

2. Use high-efficiency switching power supply to greatly improve the power conversion efficiency;

3. Carry out an excellent heat dissipation design of the screen to reduce the power consumption of the fan;

4. Design a scientific overall circuit plan to reduce the power consumption of internal circuits;

5. According to changes in the external environment, the brightness of the outdoor display is automatically adjusted to achieve the effect of energy saving and emission reduction;

 excellent heat dissipation design

The entire LED display industry has been committed to technological innovation. In recent years, more and more companies have begun to adopt PWM-SS dual energy-saving driver IC. The chip adopts avant-garde dynamic energy-saving technology and 4V low-voltage power supply design to form a high-efficiency energy-saving solution, and the overall energy saving will be as high as 35%-50% (according to the picture quality).

What is dynamic energy-saving technology?

The so-called dynamic energy-saving technology, that is, the chip automatically starts when it reads the display information and does not start when there is no information display demand, thereby realizing dynamic energy saving. This is like the automatic start-stop technology of a car. When the car is at a standstill when the clutch pedal is stepped on, the engine will automatically stop operating; when the clutch pedal is released, the engine will automatically start again, thereby saving unnecessary fuel consumption.

When the LED display is black (continuous power), the PWM-SS dual energy-saving driver IC will stop working and enter the sleep state. For example, if you play a slideshow with only text, the text is white, and the other areas are black. At this time, only the text display area consumes power. When the entire large screen is in standby mode (uninterrupted power), the entire screen consumes almost no power.

Only the text display part of the power consumption (almost no power consumption)

The PWM-SS dual energy-saving drive IC will automatically adjust the current according to the changes in the brightness of the display screen. The lower the brightness of the playback screen, the lower the power consumption.

brightness adjustment

The PWM-SS dual energy-saving driver IC can automatically adjust the current according to the richness and saturation of the display image. For example, switching from a brightly colored picture to a dimly colored picture will automatically reduce the power consumption of the display.

saturation change

In addition to dynamic energy saving, using PWM-SS dual energy-saving driver IC, the power supply provided by the user only needs 4V, and low-voltage energy saving is about 27%. At the same time, the PWM-SS dual energy-saving driver IC has all the functions of the DS-PWM energy-saving function and the 4K, 3840Hz refresh rate of the high-definition high-end PWM driver IC, and the grayscale processing is more robust. Not only that, the surface temperature of the working display is reduced by 30%. , And the brightness does not decrease.

commercial display manufacturer

As a large-size smart commercial display manufacturer, the entire series of PREMTECO products in the future will use DS-PWM energy-saving driver ICs and 4V power supply for outdoor energy-saving solutions, which will help large outdoor LED screens truly enter the energy-saving era. Technology changes life, PREMTECO makes LED display more exciting!


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