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Indoor LED Display Banner-P1.8,P2.5

Slim Design

Die-cast aluminum cabinets: lighter and thinner than traditional steel cabinets. Meanwhile it’s better for quick heat dissipation.

Wheels design: One poster wears 4 wheels. With the vertical wheel design the poster not only can stand on its own without any external structure, but also bring great convenience for movement.


High Refresh Rate

FRefresh rate: up to 3840Hz. Grey scale: up to 24bits Excellent color contrast: 10000:1 Brightness: up to 1000nits Lifespan :100,000h.

Energy Conservation

The maximum power is 480/㎡, which is much lower than other similar products on the market, more energy-saving. The brightness of this product can reach 800 nits, which can display advertisements very clearly without hurting the eyes.

Seamless Connection

Many traditional posters LED, when they connect together, clients are often bothered by the unavoidable black frame line between posters, because it affects a lot the display effect as a big screen. But for this product, thanks for the die-casting cabinet design, there is no any black frame line between posters and the splicing is seamless. When you put multiple posters together, they can perform like one big beautiful display. You won't even notice the stitching gap between screens.

Front Service & Small Pitch

Front service design, more conducive to maintenance, saving more time for repair. Small spacing makes your advertising screen clearer. Non-integrated design provides convenience for transportation.

Excellent Performance

The combination of high resolution, high refresh and small spacing makes every frame of this AP3 series advertising display vivid and can quickly attract attention.

Application Fields

To be adapted for every different scene, our product is made up of superior quality materials with the concise and strong structure. This product is usually used in:

  • Indoor Advertising

  • Shopping Mall Advertisement

  • DOOH


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