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Company Events
  • Application of AOB technology in LED display

    As we all know, SMT surface mount technology has mature technology and is currently the mainstream technology in the LED display market.

  • The importance of power supply in LED display

    As one of the main equipment of LED display, LED power supply is playing an important role for LED display.

  • Different LED Lamps Brands and Suggestions for Selection

    Currently, in the market in Shenzhen, China, the most common LEDs brands for LED display are Nationstar, Kinglight, Mulinsen, Hongsheng, etc.

  • How to Choose the Cost-effective LED Screen ?

    Many clients will ask before buying an LED display, how much will it cost me? But it is hard to answer as now the market of LED screen is changed a lot.

  • Why can the outdoor SMD LED display replace the DIP LED display?

    The advantages of Outdoor LED Display SMD compared to DIP:

  • The difference between the simplified and waterproof cabinet of LED screen, and the development trend of cabinet materials

    The cabinets of the LED screen are divided into simplified cabinets and waterproof cabinets. So what is the difference between a simplified cabinet and a waterproof cabinet?

  • Premteco Immersive Multimedia Environment in Transportation Hub

    a round of massive plan of intelligent infrastructure in public places has been on the way to improve the efficiency of work and enhance the city image.

  • Several common applications of LED display MiniLED

    As the display screens are getting closer, the volume of LED chips is getting smaller.

  • Guideline to keep LED lamps from moisture

    As known, LED lamps belongs to moisture sensitive components where they are used in outdoor or indoor scenario.

  • Premteco Innovative Design

    Many times we are asked about brand name, Now here what is Premteco and what we do.

  • What is moire effect and how to get rid of it?

    “Moiré is a French word meaning “having a wavy or ripply surface pattern”. It is pronounced in the US as “mwarre” or “muh + warre” and loosely rhymes with “the car”.

  • LED display control System

    LED display control system is mainly responsible for receiving the picture and video display information from the computer serial port or DVI interface