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Company Events
  • Sports event LED display classification and matters needing attention

    The led sports event screen is generally divided into two parts: live broadcast screen and timing score.

  • What are the characteristics of outdoor large LED displays?

    In contemporary economic life, large outdoor LED displays are already well-known.

  • Stadium Perimeter LED Board

    Premteco’s LED Perimeter Advertising Systems allow for vivid and exceptionally bright moving images to be presented as pitch side advertising.

  • LED Display Driver IC

    LED display driver IC is such a key component.

  • What is DOOH(Digital Out-of-Home advertising)?

    DOOH becomes mainstream for its efficiency to deliver products or even concepts to the target audience.

  • LED display installation on roof

    Roof LED display installation, mainly used for outdoor advertising LED electronic display

  • The small-pitch LED display is used in the control center

    Premteco small-pitch LED display perfectly match the requirements of the command control center scene