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Company Events
  • Premteco--Not to Be Missed at LED China 2020-Shenzhen

    Premteco LED brought the latest products for rental markets and fixed installations.

  • Transparent LED Display---New Favorite LED Display Medium

    Transparent LED screen is born with the trend and stand out from multitudinous LED display screens

  • PREMTECO's screen was used for Ford World Men's Curling Championship 2017

    Our OR1 series outdoor rental LED display was used in the show. It was totally 90 sqm.

  • Outdoor P6 LED Display

    Outdoor P6 LED display for advertising in Malaysia. The screen size is 15.36m x 9.6m with double sides. Total is 295 square meters.

  • The Biggest Curved LED Display in North America

    A massive curved LED display was installed in Mercedes-Benz Stadium in North America. The screen dimension is 328 meters long and 18 meters high.

  • PREMTECO's Mobile LED Display Supports NIVEA's New Product Launch

    It doesn't need time to setup and require external power as it has its own power generator.

  • The Biggest OLED Display in Dubai Mall

    Dubai mall installed the biggest OLED display in the world. There are 820pcs 55

  • PREMTECO Supplied High Quality LED Screen in Kenyan Church

    Many companies are using our products including rental LED display, advertising LED display, mobile LED display product.

  • What is the difference between synchronous and asynchronous full-color LED display control cards?

    There are two types of led display control cards in the market to drive full color led screens: synchronous and asynchronous control cards.

  • Steel Structure

    The installation of the steel structure of the LED display screen is a relatively complex and comprehensive technology with more content and a wider range.

  • The future trend of COB LED display

    Small space applications continue to expand technology innovation is imminent.

  • News about flexible LED screen

    With the development of the modern economy, people are in the great pursuit of individual needs of LED screens, and there is an increasing demand for LED displays of various shapes.