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Perimeter LED Display

Sports stadium LED display (SS1 series) is an effective and attractive display used in the stadium. It's favorable for sports live broadcast and commercial advertising. We have different pixel pitches: P6.6, P8 and P10. The main difference between our SS1 series and other outdoor LED display products is that SS1 series has soft plastic mask on the LED module and soft padding on the top of the cabinet to protect the players from injury when they hit the screen in the stadium by accident. Meanwhile, stadium LED screen has a back-support leg for adjusting the perimeter LED screen from different viewing angles.

Stadium LED screen

Where can we use our Perimeter LED display?

Sports LED screen

The display can be installed around the whole stadium. You can imagine the strong visual impact it brings. Our perimeter LED screens are often used by sports clubs and companies that own sports infrastructure to be installed in stadiums, both outdoors and indoors.

They are typically used in stadiums, sports halls, racetracks, multi-purpose sports facilities and other professional sports applications. Sports stadium LED display includes LED score board, perimeter LED banner screen, LED video display, etc.

The stadium LED display design can be for both rental applications and fixed installation. Advanced stadium software is used to manage the content of the display instantly.

What are the advantages of our perimeter LED screen compared with other perimeter LED screens in the market?

Perimeter LED display

Great Cabinet Design

The cabinet is used die-casting aluminum design, so it is very light weight, which would bring great convenience when we do the installation or transportation. Meanwhile, the cabinet joint is seamless and strong, so the perimeter LED screen won't fall off easily if it gets struck.

Excellent Visual Effect

With the high brightness (up to 10,000nits), high refresh rate(up to 3840Hz) and gray scale(up to 14bits), the stadium LED screen can bring us amazing visual effects no matter indoors or outdoors.

Stable Performance

We adopt the high quality SMD LED, power supply, cables and other material, which ensure the perfect performance of the screen for more than 8 years.

Our perimeter LED screen meets the UEFA standard

high quality SMD LED display

Large Viewing Angle

The viewing angle of our sports LED display can be up to 160°.

High Refresh Rate

With the high refresh rate of 3840Hz, the visual effect is excellent when we running the videos or images.

High Brightness

Our perimeter LED screen’s brightness is up to 5500nits even higher.

The Product Passed All Certifications

Our products have been certified by CE (including EMC & LVD), RoHS, ETL, FCC, CB, IECEE,KC, PSE, etc.

Redundant Signal Data and Power Supply

In order to avoid black-out screen during the events, we can provide signal back solution. When one of the signal cables breaks down, the screen is still able to display the live-feed or advertising content. Meanwhile, backup power supply is also feasible. When the power supply gets failed, the screen won’t appear black.

Our perimeter LED display can display a complete image on the whole screen 

high brightness LED display

Normally the width of the perimeter display is very long and the horizontal resolution is way over the limit of the monitor 3840dots, so the screen will be displayed in several separate windows. We have solution to make the screen display a complete image even if the pixels more than 30k or even more.

What accessories of sports stadium LED display should be included and their functions?

Perimeter LED screen

Video Processor

The video processor supports different kinds of signal inputs, such as HDMI, DP, etc. Meanwhile, it also has other video functions such as fade-in and fade-out, mosaic, picture in picture, etc.

Control Box

It includes sending cards and receiving cards. The sending card sends the information to the receiving card, which receives the signal from the PC and then transmits it to the screen. It is like a brain in the perimeter LED display system.

Optical Fiber System

Optical fiber system includes the optical fiber cable and optical fiber converter. Why do we use these devices for our sports stadium LED screen? The maximum distance for the network cable is about 100m. But as we all know, the control room is usually over 100m far from the court. Therefore the optical fiber system is wanted. Because the transmission distance of optical fiber can reach several kilometers or even decades of kilometers, and the signal transmission is more stable.

System connection

Stadium Perimeter LED Display