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DOOH LED Display

DOOH (Digital Out-of-Home) advertising LED Display basically refers to advertising on indoor and outdoor digital LED video wall and LED screens. Digital billboards offer more dynamism & higher relevancy to the viewers in comparison to traditional OOH billboards. This type of communication can be found in high-traffic urban locations such as city centers, malls, stations, airports, etc. Our DOOH products include outdoor LED display, indoor LED video wall, etc.

LED video wall

Why choose our LED display products?

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High Quality Performance

The combination of high quality SMD LED and great PCB design has led us to lead position in the industry. We believe that superior material quality is the primary standard for advanced products. Compared with other products in the market, our LED screen stands out.

Flexible Installation

We have different cabinet designs: front access, back access, curved screen, round screen, spherical screen, etc. These LED display signage designs fit well in different projects with different ways of installation.

Lower Power Consumption

We use super energy-saving design, so the power consumption is 30% lower than that of other LED displays in the market.

Higher Resolution

The high resolution for our indoor LED display is P0.7, which basically looks like a giant 4k TV. Meanwhile, our P1.9 outdoor LED display product is the highest definition LED video wall in the world.

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How to install the LED screen?

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There are different ways of installations, including unipolar type, double-column type, hanging type, wall embedded type, wall mounted type, building roof type, frame type, portal gantry type, mobile type, etc. The following are common installation methods:

Wall-mounted Type

For this type, the frame will be fixed on the wall and it is also the most common installation way for both outdoor LED screen and indoor LED screen.  Meanwhile, the screen should be light weight. Commonly speaking, the total weight of the screen and the frame should be within the maximum loading-bearing weight of the wall.

Hanging Type

The hanging type is mostly for indoor LED screen and semi-outdoor LED panel. For this type, the screen needs to be light weight, and the design of the LED panel should be able to be hung. When the screen is installed outdoor or even semi-outdoor, the wind force should be calculated for safety consideration.

Unipole Type and Double-column Type

For these two types, normally they are for outdoor LED display products. For unipolar type, normally the size of screen should be less than 30sqm.  For the double-column type, it could hold the size of about 100sqm maximum. They are the most common outdoor LED display installation ways.

Wall-embedded Type

For this type, it is mostly for indoor LED screen. For this type, it requires that the wall must be solid concrete. As the LED screen will be embedded inside the wall, so there will be no space in the back for maintenance. For this type, the LED screen must use front access design.

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How to choose a suitable DOOH LED display product?

Outdoor advertising LED screen

What pixel pitch do you want to use?

The pixel pitch means the distance between two contiguous LED lights measured in millimeters. The smaller the size of the pixel pitch is, the greater the resolution will be. At the same time, the pixel pitch is also closely related to the minimum viewing distance. For example, if the minimum viewing distance is 10m, the suitable pixel pitch should be P10, P8 or even P6.

What's the screen dimension?

The LED screen size has a major impact on the screen's resolution and maximum viewing distance. The bigger the screen size is, the higher the resolution will be. Meanwhile, the larger the LED screen is, the longer the maximum viewing distance will be.

Where the screen will be installed?

If the LED screen is installed near the sea, we should use anti-rusted cabinet material. Also, we should use fanless cabinet design as well as high quality outdoor LED, so the LED panel could work properly in the salty and humid air.

What equipment do we need for running the LED display? 

Video Processor

The Video processor allows the screen to have more inputs like HDMI, SDI, DP, etc. Normally the LED display controllers only support DVI. If you need more inputs data sources, the video processor is needed.

LED Control Box 

The LED control box connects the computer and the screen, it receives the signal from the PC and then transmits to the screen. It is like a brain in the LED display system.

LED Controller

System connection

Giant LED display system