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Company Events
  • What is Interlaced and Progressive in Display Sources?

    Interlaced and Progressive--- both methods of expressing moving images on the display device.

  • What is the difference between black lamp and white lamp of LED display?

    The most significant difference between the black lamp and the white lamp of the LED display is that when the screen is not lit, the appearance of the screen is consistent in color, and the display is more beautiful.

  • Advantages of LED display in the field of intelligent transportation

    what are the advantages of LED display used in intelligent transportation compared with other products?

  • "Mirror" is also an LED display?

    A new type of media advertising equipment LED mirror screen.

  • COB--Future Protagonist

    COB technology is becoming more and more popular, what is COB and how it works?

  • How to Judge the Quality of LED Display?

    How to choose high-quality displays? Consumers can judge the display quality from the following aspects.

  • The Future Development Direction of Rental LED Display

    what is the future development direction of the LED display product as a kind of rental product?

  • Why to Develop Outdoor Small-pitch LED Displays?

    Generally speaking, the outdoor screen viewing distance is relatively far, such as 8-24 m or 10-30 m.

  • Some Tips to Choose LED Screens

    Premteco offers advisible suggestions for choosing LED screen and technical guidance

  • Why Does LED Cinema Become More and More Popular?

    Once you use a LED display, you can clearly see that the screen is brighter and the sound is more realistic when watching a movie.

  • Some common senses about LED display aging test

    The aging test is the last process before the delivery of LED display products. What is the significance of this process? Let's talk about some common senses related to LED display aging test.

  • What is the impact of the LED display brightness is too high? And how to control the brightness of the LED display?

    The higher the brightness of the media makes it easier for us to see the display content. For the LED display, it is not that the higher the brightness, the better, there should be a limit.