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  • How to develop energy-saving and environmentally-friendly LED displays?

    Environmental protection has become a major theme of this era.

  • This little tip that you don't notice could be the killer of LED screens

    LED screens are high-end electronic devices that are sensitive to static electricity and static electricity would cause fatal effects on LED displays.

  • The IP Grade and the structural requirement of  lamp pole LED screen

    With the advent of the 5G era, the wave of smart light pole construction has come, and the market position of light pole LED displays has also increased.

  • What’s the Difference between LED and LCD?

    Both LED and LCD displays are relatively common video displays on the market,If you want to judge which is better between LED display and LCD display, you must first understand what they are.

  • The advantage of rental screen

    LED screen rental is a special LED display for stage performances and cultural activities.

  • 3D LED Screen Solution

    LED full-color display 3D technology has gradually become the trend in recent years and the recognized future development direction.

  • What effect does LED lamp have on LED display, and how to judge the quality of LED lamp?

    In LED display, the most important thing is LED lamp. The quality of the LED lamp affects the quality of the LED display.

  • What is the flatness of the LED display?

    Flatness means that when we touch the surface of the LED display with our fingers, we will feel the feeling of unevenness on the surface of the screen

  • 8K Resolution for High-definition Large Screens Will Have A Big Market.

    Although the LED display market, in China this year, is not directly driven by sports events such as the European Cup, there are also some 8K high-definition large screens and high-end conference large screens.

  • What is the Difference Between the Integration of the LED Display Lamp Driver and the Separation of the Lamp Driver?

    The LED display screen has become an important role in the advertising field due to its characteristics such as the ability to play dynamic videos, pictures and texts, etc.

  • After installing the LED display, these things that you should know.

    After installing the LED display, pay attention to the following recommended maintenance measures, which will not only guarantee the LED display be more durable and will save a lot of maintenance costs.

  • New Type of Media Tool-Spherical LED Display

    It is worth pointing out what makes creative LED screen special is its wide viewing angle of 360°.