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3D LED Screen Solution

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3D refers to three-dimensional space. Compared with ordinary 2D images, 3D is more three-dimensional and realistic, giving the audience an immersive feeling.

LED full-color display 3D technology has gradually become the trend in recent years and the recognized future development direction. 

As a brilliant LED display in the display market in recent years, as it increasingly enters the field of indoor high-definition displays, how to implement 3D display technology suitable for LED displays has also begun to attract attention.

I. The theory of 3D technology.

3D display technology is mainly divided into three categories, including stereo display technology, holographic technology, and stereo image relative technology. Due to the difficulty of realization of stereoscopic display technology, most of them cannot be popularized at present. Holographic technology is mainly used in holographic projection. Stereograph relative technology is the technology we currently use most.

The stereo image relative technology can be divided into two types, the 3D glasses type, and the naked eye type, according to the different ways of obtaining left and right eye signals. The principle is to first generate two views in the scene, and then send different views to the left and right eyes through a certain mechanism, that is, the left eye only receives the signal from the left eye, and the right eye only receives the signal from the right eye, and finally passes The brain synthesizes these two images to form a virtual three-dimensional picture.

3D technology

The essence of this technology is to provide three-dimensional information to the brain through the difference between the left and right eye views, which is finally completed by the brain virtually.

Glasses-style 3D uses different filtering technologies to enable the left and right eyes to obtain different picture information in the same picture. The human brain finally synthesizes the image to obtain a three-dimensional picture effect, including chromatic aberration, shutter, and polarization.

shutter type

II. 3D LED Screen Solution

3D LED Screen Solution


one MCTRL1600

two MCTRL1600





The advantages of the 3D solution.

1. The load of the receiving card in this scheme remains unchanged; reducing the number of receiving cards

2. It supports the separate transmission of video formats.

3. It can realize right eye shift, signal delay, and depth of field adjustment.

4. The audience can open the glasses 30m away from the EMT200 transmitter and use them normally within 50m from the EMT200 transmitter.

5. The 3D glasses are fully charged for 2.5 hours and can be used continuously for 35 hours. Please charge in time after use.

6. It supports third-party 3D launchers.

III. Application Fields

Application Fields

Application Fields

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