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The importance of power supply in LED display

May 24, 2021< Back to list

As one of the main equipment of LED display, LED power supply is playing an important role for LED display. Research data shows that more than 80% of failures are caused by the power supply. As we all know, LED display are divided into indoor and outdoor using environments. Indoor and outdoor LED display may be detectable at any time, while outdoors, it is more difficult to take emergency measures.

Small pitch LED display

In the past, when many customers choose power supplies, the reason why they often choose products with low output voltage and high current (such as 5V/60A applications) is because the working voltage of LED lamp beads is low. Generally, the working voltage of LED lamp beads is 2.8 ~3.3V; red is 1.8~2.2V; blue is 3.0~3.2V; green is 2.9~3.1V; yellow is 1.8~2.0V, so display manufacturers will choose 5V when designing standard power supplies. As the main power supply. However, with the continuous development and innovation of the technology of LED components, the efficiency of the driver IC has also been continuously improved, and the power supply of the LED display will be converted to 4.5V/4.2V in the future.

As the rental LED display market become more and more popular, the rental display has the advantages of small pitch, light weight, thin structure, hoisting and quick disassembly/handling/installation. It has been widely used in hotels, exhibition, video conferences, etc. In the field, the specifications of the small-pitch LED display P1.9 and P1.5 have officially become the mainstream of the market, and P2.5 is gradually becoming regular. As the technology of the small-pitch display gradually matures, its application range will be more extensive.

In view of the small pitch and rental LED display customers' needs for small power supply installation space and volume requirements, such as the HSP/HSN-200/300 series developed by MeanWell, it can fully meet the customer’s design needs for size and height, and it has quickly become another choice for LED display customers on high-quality standard power supplies.

In addition, LED display often fail due to pollution, looseness, vibration, humidity, environmental temperature changes and other factors in their special application environment and use process. The power supply is the heart of the LED display. The reliability of the power supply by the customers the requirements are getting higher and higher. Due to the unpredictable changes in the installation environment, it is recommended to choose a power supply with moisture protection as much as possible for fixed outdoor LED display installations.

The quality of the product depends on the merchant, and the customer's peace of mind lies in choosing a good merchant. When choosing power supply for LED displays, you need to choose according to the LED display you configure.

Power supply

So, how to choose a good LED display power supply?

First of all, we only choose a good-looking power supply, which means that the uniformity of the array of components is excellent.

Second, check the efficiency of the power supply. Judging the energy-saving level of the power supply is based on efficiency. When fully loaded as a good power source, it must be higher than 80%. The higher the efficiency, the less active power input.

 Third, the PFC value is also very important as efficiency. The PF value of the power supply without PFC function may be lower than 0.6. Low PF value will increase reactive power and cause huge power loss.

 Fourth, we need to ensure that the power supply has excellent stability, which will affect the stability and working life of the LED display. It can be expressed by ripple and temperature rise. A power supply with good stability must have low ripple and low temperature rise.

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