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Why can the outdoor SMD LED display replace the DIP LED display?

Apr. 16, 2021< Back to list

The advantages of Outdoor LED Display SMD compared to DIP:

DIP LED ScreenSMD LED Display

1) The outdoor surface mount can achieve the matching of red, blue, and green brightness at different angles to achieve a high degree of consistency, thus ensuring that the brightness of the outdoor full-color SMD LED display at any angle is consistent. So as to achieve a better color vivid effect.

2) Because the three chips are very close, the light is mixed in the same bracket bowl instead of three discrete elliptical LEDs, so the red, blue, and green light mixing effect is better than the DIP elliptical LED screen, which is especially suitable for close viewing.

3) The outdoor SMD has good light distribution, wide viewing angle, good light mixing, and high contrast.


4) Outdoor SMD full-color screens not only have a wide viewing angle of 110 degrees or more in the horizontal direction, but also have a wide viewing angle of 110 degrees or more in the vertical direction. Outdoor LED displays suspended in the sky need a wider viewing angle to display more good advertising effect.

5) Because the design structure is three-in-one, the full-color SMD is small in size, so the black area is large and the light-emitting area is small, thus improving the contrast of the LED display. 

6) It can use the automatic placement machine for automatic production, and the production efficiency is high. The circuit design of the outdoor SMD LED display module can realize the combination of the lamp board and the driver board. Compared with the DIP product, it not only improves the reliability, but also improves the production efficiency, and more importantly, reduces the cost.

7) Compared to DIP displays, outdoor full-color SMD displays are glue-free, and the cabinets are lighter and thinner, which is easier and faster to install. The cabinet structure design of aluminum alloy material is very light, beautiful, not easy to deform, and easy to assemble and flat.

It is precise because of the superiority of the above SMD LED displays that it will replace the DIP LED displays market in the future. However, due to the complex and changeable outdoor environment, the material matching, thermal stress, the adhesive degree between the material and the substrate, etc., make the packaging process of the exterior coating products more difficult. It is not easy to maintain a good combination when performance changes. Therefore, the main task at present is to break through technical difficulties and reduce the price of SMD products.


It is understood that the outdoor DIP three-in-one products appearing on the market now cannot meet the user’s display needs in traditional direct insertion, And the outdoor SMD and because of the high price, as well as temporary technical problems and difficult to get large-scale use. However, this kind of outdoor DIP three-in-one product has a good response in the market. The traditional full-color requires three single lamps as a pixel, while the outdoor DIP three-in-one product only needs one single lamp. Achieve the same effect, thus greatly reducing the production and material costs, so that the product has excellent price competitiveness.

Therefore, some people in the industry said that within a certain period of time, there will be a lot of room for development. In the long run, in the future, it will eventually be the home field of SMD LED display. With the improvement of technology, the LED display of the DIP will eventually be replaced by SMD LED display, and it will become an inevitable trend.

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