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To find those technologies that can improve the picture quality of LED displays.

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With the advent of the 5G and 8K era, display has become ubiquitous, and it also puts forward higher requirements for display effects. And now, ultra-high-definition video has become the mainstream in the display industry. As a display terminal for intelligent interaction of information, LED display screens have functions such as large-screen display, human-screen interaction, and visualized information dissemination. Therefore, they are widely used in comprehensive scenes such as shopping malls, airports, stations, and landmark buildings. Under the background of 5G and 8K era, how should LED display develop itself to make it more competitive in the display industry?

As we all know, the smaller the pixel pitch of the LED display, the higher the resolution of the screen and the clearer of the picture. Based on this, a clearer picture quality can be obtained by reducing the pixel pitch. However, there are no absolutes. When any product develops to a certain level, there will be a "ceiling" effect, and LED displays are no exception. With the development of technology, the pixel pitch of LED display screens has broken below P1.0, and further down is faced with various insurmountable problems. Therefore, in order to achieve better picture quality of LED displays, breakthroughs should be made from other directions.

LED Display

Then virtual pixel technology appeared, it can increase the equivalent pixels of the display screen to nearly 4 times without increasing the hardware cost of the LED display screen. The method is to design the modules through an arrangement of 2 red, 1 green and 1 blue, and then reuse one of the pixels in turn to achieve the same display effect. With virtual pixel technology, the performance of the screen can be improved in the same environment, and the display effect can be enhanced, giving people a better visual enjoyment. And due to the powerful role of virtual pixels, applications have been implemented in many fields. However, due to various reasons, virtual pixel technology has not been widely used in the LED display industry.

In addition, the image quality engine technology developed by Novastar also has the effect of improving image quality. But unlike the virtual pixel, the picture quality engine technology developed by Novastar enables the LED display to achieve clearer picture quality through the control system.

So what is the image quality engine technology? How does it achieve the improvement of the image quality of the LED display by the control system?

First of all, we must know that the image is presented through grayscale and color. At present, there are three important factors that affect the image quality of the LED display: the gray scale is not fine, and not accurate, and the color is not correct. The picture quality engine technology launched by Novastar is essentially a correction technology, that is, by increasing the number of gray levels, solving gray-scale color cast and fine gray-scale step-by-step correction, enhancing the gray-scale expressive power of the display, and then passing Intelligent color management effectively controls the color gamut of the screen, and finally adjusts the color gamut of the display screen by means of complementary colors to achieve a better color display effect.

Small pitch LED display


Novastar has made innovations on the basis of correction technology and developed image quality engine technology. According to the expert, there are many other technologies like image quality engines, but most of them are developed for the purpose of making more pixels and better pixels. According to reports, the pixel engine is an organic combination of LED chip hardware arrangement and sub-pixel rendering (SPR) algorithm, that is, in the traditional RGB arrangement, a green LED chip is added to change into RGBG arrangement, and then through the pixel engine the algorithm, under the premise of a small increase in cost, greatly improves the resolution of the display. Through the introduction, it can be known that the pixel engine technology improves the image quality of the display screen by changing the structure of the LED chip.

fine pitch LED display

It can be seen that with the help of image quality engine, pixel engine and other technologies, the image quality of LED display screens has been further improved, and in the future, it will also help LED products to grab market share with LCD and OLED.

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