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New Type of Media Tool-Spherical LED Display

Dec. 12, 2020< Back to list

The spherical LED display is a new type of media tool LED. The current LED technology is very mature. The spherical LED display can completely replace the traditional advertising media tools and has a very good display effect and visual experience. With the development of LED display technology and technological progress, there are more and more types of LED displays, and creative LED spherical displays have become popular in the market.

Spherical LED display

The creative spherical LED display adopts SMD 3 in 1 LED, which makes the display have a wide viewing angle and better flatness when used indoors and outdoors, and the display effect is more perfect. Our dot pitches are P10, P8, P6, P4, P3, P2.5, P1.9 to meet the needs of different customers. The minimum diameter of the spherical screen is 0.5 meters, which can be customized according to the market and customer requirements. The full-color spherical LED display is a creative LED spherical display with multiple display splits and a retractable special-shaped display. It has a distortion-free high-definition picture and super advertising value.

Spherical LED screen

Seamless Connections

First of all, we applied the latest trapezoidal circuit design that can realize seamless splicing. All the products will be examined by professional QC team before they are delivered.

In addition, we have a variety of customized products to satisfy different requests.

Furthermore, it is worth pointing out what makes creative LED screen special is its wide viewing angle of 360°.

Flexible control

Synchronous and asynchronous compatible

Spherical  LED screens can play all-around videos and pictures. It always shows amazing video and picture display effects for our customers. Special PCB design can ensure less distortion of showing picture.

Better Heat Dissipation

The module and PCB board are made by high precision CNC machine. Our module adopts the circuit design which serves to dissipate heat. And especially thanks to the great design of PCB board, its heat dissipation will be better than that of other products. Therefore, LED Sphere Display can be fully used to replace traditional advertising media tools, for example, TV sets. 

 Easy Maintenance

The display supports front access maintenance, effectively reducing down-time. As a complete system, Sphere LED display supports landing installation, lifting installation, embedded installation, and so on.

Applications: planetarium, exhibition, museum, airport, railway station, shopping ball, bar, etc.

Below are characteristics of the spherical LED display.

1.The spherical LED display can be used outdoors and indoors. Its pixel pitch is relatively high and it has a certain decorative effect. The spherical LED display allows the audience to watch a 360° full viewing angle. It is different from the conventional LED display in that the details of the picture are easy to show.

2.The installation methods of the full-color spherical LED display are diversified, which can be the same as the rental LED display. The all-aluminum structure is designed with lightweight and strong structure. The installation method of the LED ball can be designed as mobile, hoisted, seated, embedded according to customer requirements.

3.The spherical LED display is equipped with a professional audio and video processing system, supports a variety of external signal access, and can realize live broadcast.

4.The diameter of the LED ball can be designed and produced according to customer requirements. The precise module size ensures the uniformity of the overall curvature of the LED ball.

5.The spherical LED display has the advantages of lightweight, good wind resistance, convenient installation, good heat dissipation performance, good waterproof performance, good seismic performance, low cost of auxiliary installation frame and no fan and quietness.

Spherical LED panel

The novel spherical LED display has a stronger visual shocking effect. It is more eye-catching for publicity, and can play a role in modern decoration and atmosphere. It is already at the forefront of advertising tools that attract thousands of eyeballs. The full-color spherical LED display is mainly used in museums, science and technology museums, exhibition halls, outdoor spherical video advertisements, and other places. The spherical LED display can play video advertisements, brand promotion, and can also be used for decoration. With the gradual expansion of the LED special-shaped screen market, in the near future, both individual merchants and big-brand manufacturers can make good use of this advantage of LED special-shaped screens to attract more customers. Customers introduce products and decorative environment through LED special-shaped screens, which will bring more economic benefits.

Spherical LED video wall

The spherical LED display breaks the restriction of the regular shape of the traditional LED display, and appears in a different shape, bringing another development method for the LED display industry. Higher technical requirements and higher production difficulty have determined that creative LED display technology is only in the hands of a few manufacturers. Premteco focuses on research, design, manufacture and sale of LED display. Over the past years, we have become one of the most advanced LED display manufacture companies. We have very rich experience in producing LED spherical screens.

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