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What is the flatness of the LED display?

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For most of the LED display practitioners, whether it is a salesperson or a customer when talking about products, they basically focus on pixel pitch, resolution, price, LED lamps, control systems, etc., few people pay attention to the flatness LED displays of the screen. In this article, we will focus on what is the flatness of the LED display, what’s the effect does it have on the screen, and what determines the flatness. This is what we will emphasize to customers when we show our products to them.

What is the flatness of the LED display?

Flatness means that when we touch the surface of the LED display with our fingers, we will feel the feeling of unevenness on the surface of the screen, or the ups and downs between the modules and cabinets that we can see with our eyes. In the LED display industry, it called  "flatness", which is used to describe the unevenness of the display surface. Generally, the flatness of the LED display is between 0.1-0.3mm, and the flatness of the small-pitch display requires less than 0.1mm.

indoor led video wall

How does the flatness effect viewing?

The smaller the flatness, the smoother the display screen. The more uniform the color, the better the performance. The greater the flatness, the more likely the screen is to be distorted, the color is more likely to appear broken, and the viewing effect is worse.

Factors affecting flatness:

The level of flatness is mainly determined by the material and production process and is divided into the flatness between the modules and the flatness between the cabinets. The factors that affect the flatness between the modules including the accuracy of the PCB board, the accuracy of the bottom shell, and the frame accuracy; the factors that affect the flatness between the cabinets are the frame accuracy and the accuracy of the side locks. In some factories,  the masks used on the surface of the modules are not flat which will lead to a worst flatness of the screen and a worst image presentation when you play the videos.

led display project

Below we use one of our indoor fixed small-pitch FA3 series to show what we should pay attention to during LED display installation:

First of all, our fully front access small pitch LED display FA3 series use high-quality materials. We have an installation team with more than 10 years of experience. Therefore, you can see the flatness of the whole LED screen is perfect even you close to the screen. Then is the cabinet splicing. We use high-accuracy joint panel. We will put the joined four cabinets together with the joint panel first, and then the four cabinets and the other four cabinets are spliced together. It can greatly improve the flatness of the screen. Overall it looks like our products have great flatness.

led screen installation

Premteco produces all kinds of LED displays, indoor, outdoor, small pitch, transparent, flexible, and other creative LED displays. Our customers come from all over the world. We have always pursued to be as perfect as possible in our products. We believe that good products will win more customers. This is why we can gain more and more good reputation in this industry. Premteco will continue to work hard to provide our customers with better services, and hope that we will participate in more projects of yours!

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