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What is the Difference Between the Integration of the LED Display Lamp Driver and the Separation of the Lamp Driver?

Dec. 26, 2020< Back to list

The LED display screen has become an important role in the advertising field due to its characteristics such as the ability to play dynamic videos, pictures and texts, exquisite picture quality, long viewing distance, wide advertising spread, wide viewing angle, and large-area seamless splicing. LED display screens can now be seen everywhere. In order to meet the needs of different users, LED display screen manufacturers to develop products with different performances. Next, Premteco introduces the integration of LED display lamp driver and the separation of lamp driver.

There are currently two design schemes on the market, one is the lamp driver integration scheme, and the other is the lamp driver separation scheme. Many customers don’t know much about the LED displays of these two solutions. Are these two solutions good or bad? Buyers don’t know how to choose? Next, Premteco explains what is the integration of LED display lamp drivers and the separation of lamp drivers, and the difference between them. This article provides a reference for you to select and purchase display screens.

wide viewing angle

What is the integration of LED display lamp driver and the separation of lamp driver?

The LED display screen is seamlessly spliced by unit modules or unit cabinets. The module is packaged with LED lamp beads. LED also called light-emitting diode, is a way of displaying by controlling semiconductor light-emitting diodes. It is a diode made of a compound of gallium and arsenic, phosphorus, nitrogen and indium. It can be used as an indicator light in circuits and instruments, and it can also be used to display text and numbers. Phosphor gallium arsenide diodes emit red light, gallium phosphide diodes emit green light, silicon carbide diodes emit yellow light, and indium gallium nitride diodes emit blue light. LED displays are generally used to display various information such as text, images, video, and video signals.

LED screen with high performance

First of all, the led display circuit board is composed of a light board and a driver board. The most commonly used LED display in the market is the integrated lamp driver, that is, the LED lamp and the driver IC are all packaged on a PCB board. Usually, the lamp beads are on the PCB board, and the driver IC is packaged under the PCB board. The modules are connected by pin headers and female headers.

integration of the led display lamp driver

The lamp driver separation is just the opposite. The LED lamp beads are packaged on a separate PCB board, and the driver IC is packaged on another PCB board. The PCB of the driver IC is about half smaller than the PCB of the lamp bead, and the two PCB are also connected by pin headers and female headers.

the separation of the lamp driver

Comparison of LED display lamp driver integration and lamp driver separation

The main reasons for using LED display lamp drive integration:

The IC is in front of the PCB circuit board, eliminating the need for copper row insertion. The advantage is that there is no inductive effect, the screen will not be damaged, and the disadvantage is that it is inconvenient to maintain.

There are three main reasons for using LED display lamp driver separation:

First of all, the LED display uses plug-in LEDs, and the LED lamp pins affect the normal placement of the rear driver IC, so the method of separating the lamp driver is adopted.

Secondly, the dot pitch of the LED display is too small, which affects the wiring of the PCB board in the electronic design. The use of lamp driver separation can increase the wiring area of the PCB board.

Third, it is good for heat dissipation without affecting the display effect of the LED display. If the lamp driver is integrated, when the LED lamp density is high, the heat of the driver IC will be very high when the driver IC is working. The heat will directly affect the LED light facing the IC through the PCB, causing the color of the LED light to change. This will not happen when the lamp driver is separated.

lamp driver

Comparison of lamp drive unity and lamp drive separation:

First of all, in terms of cost, since only one PCB is used for the integration of the lamp driver, and two PCBs are used for the separation of the lamp driver, the cost of the integration of the lamp driver is lower.

Secondly, from the perspective of maintenance, the way the lamp drive is separated is easy to repair. Since the separated lamp and IC of the lamp driver are separated, they can be replaced with each other for detection, and it is easier to replace the lamp beads.

Third, from the perspective of heat dissipation, the separation of lamp drivers is more conducive to heat dissipation. When the LED lamp beads and IC are working, they themselves generate heat, and the driver is separated because the lamp beads and the driver IC are packaged on two different PCB boards, so the heat dissipation speed is faster. Therefore, under normal circumstances, there are relatively more lamp drivers with a small number of screen chips in the indoor, which is conducive to saving costs, and most of the outdoors use the form of separate lamp drivers to extend the effect and life of the screen.

Fourth: In terms of production efficiency, since the lamp bead and the driver IC are packaged on the same PCB, the packaging speed is faster and the production efficiency is higher.

Premteco has always been devoted to the research and innovation of the LED display industry technology. We provide these two types of solutions: lamp driver integration and lamp driver separation to meet different needs from customers. We have always been at the forefront of Technical support and service in the industry to provide product updates and customer needs. Premteco sincerely hopes that our products and services can bring you a better experience.

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