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Premteco introduces new design rental screen

Nov. 26, 2021< Back to list

In this article, we are going to introduce you to LED Rental Display. If you are thinking of organizing an outdoor event. The rental display would be great. They are special LED screens designed for events, stages, and other activities.

The cabinet adopts Aluminum design, therefore it has the feature of lightweight, extremely thin and fast install, easy moving, and delivery. It will reduce the pressure of construction and transportation. 

rental LED events

What is the difference between indoor and outdoor led rental displays?

As usual, indoor LED rental displays have smaller pixel pitch and better resolution than outdoor LED rental displays, due to the audience being closer to the screen. Outdoor LED rental displays are faced with more challenges and it shows content under the sunlight, so we will use high-quality material to make them more durable and brighter.

Considering that the rental LED screen is used for various activities, we should use “AOB” technology to reinforce the soldering connection between LED and PCB board. So the LED won’t be broken easily.

We normally use this technology on P2.9 and P2.6 indoor rental displays. Those products are facing a problem that the LEDs on the modules’ edge fall off after some time. That is because those pixel pitches are very narrow and the LEDs are too close to the module edge. During the installation, when the staff is not careful enough, the LED would be scratched off. Our AOB technology solves this problem effectively. 

led screen events

Recently Premteco, the leading LED displays and solutions provider released a new rental LED display-Ultra series(OR Ultra and IR Ultra series)product. The product achieves a high-quality visual performance while surpassing existing products in the market in terms of ease of use. It creates a prominent visual stage effect and maximizes reach to the audience.

Due to its innovative features and truly revolutionary experience, it opens a new chapter in rental display design. We propose you discover the three main features of the Ultra series that change your rental experience in all kinds of different ways.

outdoor rental panel

1. To meet the different needs of the live events project, our Ultra series use front and back module maintenance design. Armed with N52 type strong magnets on the modules, the LED panel will be more secured. And the strong handle can be used as a ladder to climb up for fixing the problems if the faulty LED panel is several meters off the ground. In addition, protection features are needed to protect the LEDs from damage during year-round travel and intense installation process. Keep that in mind, the Ultra series introduced flip-shield corner protection effectively avoiding accidental impact for the LEDs.

2. Besides magnets module design, all components like receiving cards, HUB board, power supply, and other accessories are in a detachable box which can be swapped out in a few seconds. This greatly reduces the “downtime” during the events. What’s more, the heat strip is on the backside of the control box, which helps cool the power supply quicker.

3. The curve locks adopt rotating design and support the curve from -15 degrees to +15 degrees. The lock fastens the cabinet more firmly and rapidly. There are soft strips on the left and right sides of the panel. They block the light from the back of the screen, so the screen won’t appear back lines caused by the gap between the panels.

curve locks design

These grand features allow the Ultra series to be perfect for event stage designers who demand the very best when it comes to visual effect while increasing work efficiency and minimizing risks on the field.

LED display manafucturers

If you are looking for better business opportunities and your pending or potential projects require a crossover between the affordable price and the latest LEDs technology, don’t hesitate to contact us.

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