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The IP Grade and the structural requirement of  lamp pole LED screen

Jan. 29, 2021< Back to list

With the advent of the 5G era, the wave of smart light pole construction has come, and the market position of light pole LED displays has also increased. As an outdoor LED display involving the field of transportation, when choosing light pole LED displays, what structure should be chosen? We start to discuss this problem by understanding the IP grade.

What’s IP Grade?

IP (INGRESS PROTECTION) protection grade system is drafted by IEC (INTERNATIONAL ELECTROTECHNICAL COMMISSION), which classifies electrical appliances based on dust and moisture resistance.

The IP grade is composed of two numbers. The first number indicates the level of protection that against dust and intrusion of foreign objects (the foreign objects referred to here is the live parts of the appliance that must not be touched to avoid electric shock, which includes tools, human fingers, etc.), and the second number indicates the degree of airtight that the electrical appliance against moisture and water immersion and the larger the number is, the higher the protection degree will be.

IP Grade

The industry standard Test Methods for LED Screensdivides the protection level of the display cabinet into three levels: A, B, and C, and the C is the highest level. For indoor screen:  the IP grade should not be less than IP20 for Class A, and the IP grade should not be less than IP30 for Class B, while the IP grade should not be less than IP31 for Class C.

For the outdoor screen: the IP grade should not be less than IP33 for Class A, and the IP grade should not be less than IP54 for Class C, and the IP grade should not be less than IP66.

The protection level of outdoor led display is usually IP65, which means that the product "completely prevents dust from entering and no harm when flushed with water." 

The structural requirement of lamp pole LED screen that related to IP grade: 

Light pole LED screens are generally installed in outdoor environments such as roadsides, streets, parks, and communities, which means the dust, damp air, pouring rain, snow, etc. will all have a negative impact on the normal operation of light pole LED screens. In order for the smart light pole LED screen to operate normally in harsh environments, the light pole LED screen is required to have extremely high dust and water resistance.

Therefore, the IP grade of the light pole LED screen is very high, which is required at least IP65 or more, and the cabinet structure has a relatively large impact on the dustproof and waterproof ability of the screen, so how will the cabinet have impacts on its dustproof and waterproof ability? (The display structure mentioned here refers to back maintenance and front maintenance)

1. Back maintenance

The light pole LED screen of the back maintenance cabinet structure has the negative impact on its dustproof and waterproof ability as follow:

1) The back cover can be opened. The performance of the back cover sealing strip directly affects the waterproof performance.

2) Using traditional central control. The back maintenance cabinet uses a traditional central control design. Once water enters the cabinet, it may cause problems with the internal circuit.

3) The module has no bottom shell. The wiring of the back maintenance module is exposed. Once the cabinet is exposed to water, it may cause problems with the module.

Back maintenance

2. Front maintenance

The front maintenance cabinet structure is an improvement to the back maintenance structure. Correspondingly, the shortcomings of the back maintenance in dustproof and waterproof are overcome in the front maintenance cabinet.

1) The back cover cannot be opened. Front maintenance is that the light pole LED screen’s cabinet cannot be opened from the back, which means that the waterproof ability is extremely high.

2) Completely waterproof and independent central control. The independent central control of the front maintenance cabinet is completely waterproof. Even if rainwater penetrates into the cabinet, it won’t affect the normal operation of the light pole screen. What's more, the enclosure of the front maintenance light pole screen is extremely waterproof, and rainwater is difficult to enter. Therefore, the entire light pole screen is extremely waterproof.

3) Completely waterproof independent module. The modules of the front maintenance cabinet have a sealed and waterproof design on the bottom of the module, and the entire module leads out the power cord and signal line.

Front maintenance

Therefore, The IP grade of the back cover design, central control, and module of the front maintenance cabinet is much stronger than the back maintenance cabinet.

So, when we choose a light pole LED screen, why not choose one with a front maintenance cabinet structure?

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