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Premteco Innovative Design

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Premteco Innovative Design

Many times we are asked about brand name, Now here what is Premteco and what we do.

Our company was established in 2003. We have been focusing on the innovative LED technology since the company was built. And in fact, we are very strong for the outdoor LED display field. We were the pioneer who used the real pixel pitch while lots of the companies still were still fascinated by virtual pixel technology. When we had sold the P10, P8 and P6 with SMD3535 LED for more than 1 year, and many other factories were still struggling with the technical problem of SMD P10. Now we have been selling the P1.9 outdoor for more than 1 year, and many companies still can’t make a good P2.9 outdoor. Meanwhile, we have complete series of outdoor front access LED display: P20, P16, P10, P8, P6, P5, P4.8 P3.9. Many factories only do few items of outdoor front access LED display.


In fact, many LED display companies send their outdoor LED display orders to us and let us to manufacture for them because we have better manufacturing technique, and the quality is more guarantee. Meanwhile, we have better quality control and cost control. Even they use the same material, our quality is better, and the cost is lower. That is why we often get the OEM orders from other big LED display factories.


Such experience to do OEM orders eye Premteco’s capacity for manufacture and our well-equipped facilities.


SMT Workshop


Nowadays, we are well aware that how a brand name matters in LED screen industry and we take strategies to make our own brand Premteco from original OEM works. Transformation for us struggles from the beginning but soon we take off for our professional engineer team, cutting-edge equipment, innovative ideas, and after-sale service.


Keep pace with market demand and keep true to our mission to provide best solution for projects, we Premteco keep leading in development and research, and we listen to our customers and seek solution for them. Nowadays, we have developed a private model, FA3 series for indoor video solution.

Pixel pitch available:P1.9, P2.6 and P3.9.

Dimension of cabinets:1000mm*250mm and 250mm*250mm

Pls see images below:



Where there is demand, we Premteco provide solution!

FA3 series is usually used in conference room, AV system, home theater and TV studio. And its flexible design of cabinet can be wall-mounted at 90 degree angles between 2 neighboring walls which are vertical to each other.


Whats more, our FA3 series display cabinet weighs only 5.5 kgs (1000mm*250mm) or 2 kgs (250mm*250mm) with only 42mm depth. It is one of the thinnest cabinets in the prevailing market, being cost-effective in space and work labour when you install them. Thanks to its light-weight, it can be installed double sided to meet unique requirements.



FA3 double side

To achieve better refresh rate and gray scale performance, we design unique PCB board for it, by which, the screen outperform other same LED screens even when we use same IC, LED lamp and other components.






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