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The difference between the simplified and waterproof cabinet of LED screen, and the development trend of cabinet materials

Apr. 13, 2021< Back to list

The cabinets of the LED screen are divided into simplified cabinets and waterproof cabinets. So what is the difference between a simplified cabinet and a waterproof cabinet? I believe that many people have difficulty deciding which cabinet to choose and which one is better when buying an LED display.

First of all, we need to be clear about the main function of the cabinet. The cabinet mainly has the following two functions:

1. Fixing function: for internal fixing of display components such as module/PCB, power supply, etc. All components must be fixed inside the cabinet to facilitate the connection of the entire screen, and external fixing of the frame structure or steel structure.

2. Protection function: protecting the electronic components inside from the interference of the external environment, which can protect the components and have a good protective effect.Because outdoor LED displays are easily affected by wet and rainy weather, outdoor LED displays generally use waterproof cabinets. But for indoor environments, waterproof requirements are not too high, and simplified cabinets are generally used.

The only difference between a simplified cabinet and a waterproof cabinet is that the simplified cabinet doesn’t have a back door and a fan, and the function of the simplified cabinet is to reduce weight and cost.

Whether it is a simplified cabinet or a waterproof cabinet, it must go through the process of edging. That is using stainless steel edging around the LED screen cabinet to achieve the waterproof effect. Therefore, the difference between the two kinds of cabinets can be simply summarized like this: the waterproof cabinet needs to be fully enclosed, and there will be no water in the cabinet under normal outdoor rain conditions. While the simplified cabinet has a simplified structure, but it can still achieve a waterproof effect.

simplified cabinet

Many outdoor LED screens are now made of simplified cabinets. Because the cost of the waterproof cabinet is high, and the simplified cabinet can also achieve a certain waterproof effect under the conditions of the rainwater environment is not very bad, so most people choose the simplified cabinet. From a professional point of view, not fully enclosed, light and thin cabinet will definitely be able to play a waterproof role. Just like your computer case, the case structure only plays a role in preventing dust and foreign objects. If water enters a large area of the LED display, the inside of the screen will definitely be damaged, and the internal space of the simplified case is too small, which is not conducive to heat dissipation.

The rapid development of LED displays in the field of outdoor fixed installations has brought tremendous changes and improvements to the engineering display industry. At the same time, we have also found some subsequent changes. As we can see, the market is mainly based on iron cabinets, but due to the shortcomings of heavyweight, poor accuracy, insufficient strength, etc., the group has been unable to keep up with the development needs of the outdoor LED displays, and some new module materials have received increasing market attention.

And among them, the most popular market voice is "die-cast aluminum".

After several years of development, the die-cast aluminum cabinet has become lighter and lighter, the structure is more and more reasonable, the precision is higher, and the seamless splicing can basically be realized. The latest die-cast aluminum display is not just a simple upgrade of the traditional display cabinet, it has been fully optimized and updated in terms of structure and performance. It is a compact indoor rental display made of patents, and the cabinet has high splicing accuracy and disassembly, which makes the installation and maintenance are extremely convenient.

Waterproof cabinet

In addition to die-cast aluminum, many new materials have also begun to attract the attention of the industry. For example, carbon fiber, magnesium alloy, profiles, nano-polymer materials, etc. As popular LED display cabinet replacement materials, I believe that they will continue to change the development trend of the LED display industry with their different strengths.

PREMTECO has been focusing on the LED display industry for many years, and more innovative works will be brought to everyone.

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