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Different LED Lamps Brands and Suggestions for Selection

May 04, 2021< Back to list

Different LED Lamps Brands and Suggestions for Selection

1. Cree LEDs and Nichia LEDs.

Cree LED lamp

Currently, in the market in Shenzhen, China, the most common LEDs brands for LED display are Nationstar, Kinglight, Mulinsen, Hongsheng, etc.

Moreover, there are four quality levels of LEDs for the led screens in the world market as below.

International top quality, the highest-end international brands include Cree (Made in the USA) and Nichia ( Made in Japan).

The stability and display effect of Nichia and Cree is the best.

At the same time, the price of a single LED lamp for Nichia and Cree is 3-5 times higher than that of the Nationstar, and the square price will be 4-6 times more expensive.

Only 5% of customers with particularly high requirements will choose Nichia and Cree lamps.

2. Nationstar LEDs.

Nationstar LED lamp

The top quality which made in China, the domestic first-line brand – Nationstar, has never had a big problem since the company was founded in the year 1969.

Of course, this is an electronic product, and the small issues will also happen.

For customers who have quality requirements, 95% will choose to use the Nationstar LED, because the Nationstar LEDs also have different quality levels, such as high-bright gold wire, gold wire, and copper wire.

3. Kinglight LEDs.

Kinglight LED lamp

The Second quality which made in China, the domestic second-line brand is Kinglight, and the price will be lower than the Nationstar.

For some projects, if the budget is really cannot meet the demand, then Kinglight LED will be the first option. Generally speaking, there will be a small problem in every three or four years.

The year 2017, there is one batch of Kinglight LED has the problem, so many LEDs are dead during the test.

But Kinglight has a good after-sales service, and they replaced all of the problem LEDs.

No matter what, a reliable LED screen manufacturer will make sure the quality before the shipment for the customers.

4. Hongsheng and Mulinsen LEDs.

MLS led lamp

The low qualities which made in China are Mulinsen and Hongsheng.

The Hongsheng LEDs are mostly suppliers to some factories with a low wholesale price of the LED modules.

It can be said that it is the lowest price LEDs in the market.

When a factory’s main LEDs are using Hongsheng, then it can be directly judged that they are very competitive in price and also a low-quality LED Screen factory.

Mulinsen is an old brand which was found in the year 1997.

We can’t say that their quality is not good.

We can only tell that most of the factories that use their LEDs are relatively low-end.

They certainly have high-end products.

However, if it is a high-end product, why not directly choose the Nationstar LEDs?

We can’t completely deny that the lamps of Mulinsen and Hongsheng will have problems, because this is an electronic product, and it can tell that the failure rate of their lamp problems will be higher.

When it comes to the display effect, it is not as good as the above.

However, our company does not use the low-quality lamps at all, and the first option rate is also not often to use in the whole market.

5. Suggestions for Indoor LED Screen.

Premteco P1.9 LED Videowall

Selecting Kinglight LEDs: If it is used indoor applications to play advertisements, pictures, or texts, it does not need excellent real color reproduction.

For example, if they are installed in shopping malls or airports for advertising, and the budget is limited, the Kinglight LEDs is enough.

Selecting Nationstar LEDs: If it is used to play for great explicit video advertisements or video content, such as movie theaters, high-end conference rooms, TV stations, etc.

It is recommended to use the Nationstar LEDs, the color reproduction is more real, and the price is just a little higher than the Kinglight LEDs, around $20-50/m2.

Therefore, you must be very clear when you choose the led. What are the primary purpose and applications of the indoor LED display that you will need to install?

If the color reproduction requirements for videos and images are relatively high demand and the budget is enough, then Nationstar LEDs is the best option.

6. Suggestions for Outdoor LED Screen.

Premteco P8 LED Billboard

Selecting Kinglight LEDs:

1.Brightness. The brightness of the Nationastar lamp is generally about 500 higher than that of the Kinglight lamp, and the light loses 7-10% in the first year, 12-19% every year after one year. 

So, using life will be around 3-5 years in theory. 

2.Stability. Dead pixel rate: 0.03% within two years, 0.04% after two years.

Therefore, the maintenance cost in the future will be higher than that of the Nationstar led lamp, and if the installation environment is harsh, it is strongly recommended not to use the Kinglight LEDs. Such as High-end way, top of the building, very high-temperature area, and shallow temperature area.

3. Kinglight LEDs is good enough for just displaying regular video or image advertisement.

Selecting Nationstar LEDs:

1. Light loses 5% in the first year, 10-15% every year after one year. 

So, Using life: 5-7 years in theory.

2.Stability. Dead pixel rate: 0.01% within two years, 0.03% after two years.

Correspondingly, it can save a lot of post-maintenance costs.

3. For screens that require more precise, more beautiful video or image ads, color reproduction is better, and brightness is higher, such as in CBD, high-end shopping malls, and pedestrian streets.

Therefore, in any of the following cases, it is recommended to choose the Nationstar LEDs: 1. The Installation Environment is relatively harsh. 2. The Brightness Requirements are relatively high. 3.Need Better Display Effect. 4. The Budget is Sufficient.

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